Meatopia is the largest BBQ and Music Festival throughout the UK, inviting chefs from all around the world to come together over a weekend to celebrate their amazing food cooked over fire.

This year sadly in these unprecedented times the event has been cancelled,  but fortunately Meatopia have found a way for you to enjoy the amazing chefs’ culinary delights by arranging to run a cook along program with some of the chefs in their back gardens. 

Patio Lifestyle are excited to announce that in association with Meatopia we have linked up with “Meatopia at Home” and are delighted to be introducing the Primo Ceramic Grill to Chef Andy Stubbs from Low and Slow Birmingham.  Andy will be cooking up an amazing treat on a Primo LG300 Grill on Wednesday 8 July and you will be able to join him and follow his step by step instructions to recreate his mouth-watering recipe.

To coincide with this event we are running a Meatopia Promotion until the end of August.

If you would like more information on Meatopia or are interested in attending next year to see the Chefs and Primo Ceramic Grills in action then please visit for more info.

Meatopia Special Offer - 10% off all Primo Grills

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The unique oval design by Primo Grills allows for a more practical cooking area, enabling you the ability to cook amply sized meat joints. Not only are they perfect for Searing, Roasting and Grilling these Oval Ceramic grills are ideal for long and slow perfection with great temperature control allowing you to smoke at low temperatures with ease. 

Available in a range of sizes from our baby Primo Junior to the huge Primo XL400.